creme brulee

It’s Friday afternoon.  You’ve just looked at the calendar and suddenly realized that your good friends of many years are coming over to dinner and they are (gasp) vegetarian!

No worries.  Just serve a nice veggie stir fry cooked in ghee or expeller pressed coconut oil and whip up creme brulee for dessert.

Have you noticed that healthfood stores in recent months seem to be carrying an ever increasing variety of snack chips?   In addition to the typical potato and corn chips, I’ve noticed taro chips, black bean chips, and even chips made from chickpeas!   My grocery store is also getting into the action with a large display of lentil chips that is very prominent right as you walk in the door.

roasted peppersEditor’s Note:  Dr. Jill Tieman is a fellow Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation.  I got to know Jill last year at the Wise Traditions Conference in Dallas and look forward to reconnecting with her again at Wise Traditions 2012 in Santa Clara, November 9-11, 2012.


This sweet potato pasta recipe is sure to both delight and nourish your family.  It is also guaranteed to establish your reputation as a very creative and enterprising cook!

The biggest bonus is that this dish will fool even the most die-hard carb monsters in your home according to Ashley Tudor,

By Fitness Editor Paula Jager, CSCS

As a fitness professional, I have found homemade bone broths to be a great source of protein elements not found in the typical consumption of primarily “muscle meats” sought by most exercise enthusiasts. Many people seek to eat only boneless,

homemade pumpkin cookiesWhen I make pumpkin cookies for my kids, I prefer to make them grain free to mix things up. I occasionally make crustless pumpkin pie or pumpkin pie with an almond flour crust for the same reason.

While we are fortunate not to have any grain allergies in our home,

sweet potato hummusSweet potato hummus is Real Food that fits the budget!

I first met Arabella Forge, author of the sensational book Frugavore, at the 2004 Wise Traditions Conference. We immediately hit it off as my husband is also from her hometown of Melbourne Australia, and I have visited that beautiful city on several occasions.

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