pottenger respiratory remedyDr. Francis Pottenger MD is most well known as the researcher and author of the groundbreaking studies on cats that demonstrated that critical nutrients in meat and raw milk are lost through cooking and pasteurization.

What is less well known is that Dr. Pottenger also operated a sanitorium for patients with tuberculosis,

potassium brothAfter the births of my second and third children, I was fortunate enough to have a number of friends with extensive knowledge of traditional food preparation bring my family meals until I was back on my feet. In addition to enjoying the benefits of bone broth and nutrient dense meals, potassium broth was one of the most helpful tonics these caring friends made sure I had in the refrigerator to help me recover very quickly.

coconut milk recipeIn one of the video lessons on sourcing Real Food on this blog, I visit an Asian Supermarket to show you the primary items that I buy there.  If you recall, I purchased raw, frozen coconut meat and young coconuts.  I mention in that video that these items are ideal for homemade coconut milk.

3 best milk substitutesMilk allergy affects approximately 2-5% of children from around the world. Many times “milk allergy” simply masquerades as “pasteurization allergy”, which means that when a switch is made from processed store milk to farm fresh unpasteurized milk, the “milk allergy” suddenly disappears!

Why is this?

Pasteurization denatures fragile milk proteins and renders them allergenic because digestive enzymes no longer work effectively on them.

red rooibos teaI love tea!  My tea cabinet is overflowing with tins, paper boxes, and bags of both bulk tea and tea bags so I can always find the right herbal tea to fit whatever my need is at that particular moment.

A little congested?  A cup of alfalfa or stinging nettle tea work well due to their natural antihistamine properties.

homemade sodaI’ve blogged in the past about the traditionally made, fermented, homemade soda I make in my home. Such drinks like kombucha, kvass, and homemade root beer are loaded with probiotics, are delicious to drink, and greatly assist digestion and nutrient absorption when sipped with meals.

What to do if you are temporarily out of homemade soda and the kids really are wanting something “soda like”?

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