red rooibos latteIf you are looking to replace coffee based lattes with something that is naturally caffeine free and absolutely delicious, I would suggest that you try a (red) rooibos latte.

Rooibos lattes are very popular in coffee shops in South Africa, which makes sense given that the rooibos, or redbush, plant is native to that continent.

power shot green juiceA green juice power shot or green smoothie are popular foods for quick detoxification. Fresh green juice prepared from organic, preferably biodynamic, high brix vegetables is a great way to get lots of easy to absorb minerals quickly without any estrogen disrupting pesticide load.

In addition, plain green juice eliminates the fiber that can sometimes cause issues for those with weakened digestion or reflux.

apple cider vinegarIt’s apple season in many parts of North America which will continue through the Fall.  Time to take advantage of the seasonal bounty and make some raw apple cider vinegar! If you don’t have locally grown apples available in your community, a bag of organic apples from the health food store or veggie co-op will work just fine.

JuicingEditor’s Note: I’ve written before how juicing saved my life back in my twenties when I was constantly traveling and experiencing health challenges as a result.  In this latest post on boosting immunity, Melanie Christner describes the importance of juicing for health (not to be confused with the green smoothie diet) and how and why it can literally save your life.

coffee substitutes

The recent article A Visual View of Caffeine seemed to generate comments mostly related to coffee – whether drinking coffee is a healthful habit and if coffee substitutes are preferable.

With so many assaults on our hormones today and many people living under constant and seemingly never ending stress,

apple cider vinegar remedyYou pay good money for those local free range, pastured eggs, so why in the world are you throwing out the eggshells?

Some folks say to compost it. Another school of thought says this isn’t such a great idea as eggshells don’t break down.

If you don’t really want to compost them,

ginger aleMost folks do not know how to make ginger ale at home. Yet, it is one of the easiest drinks to whip up in a matter of minutes.   The bonus of making ginger ale yourself is that you can ferment it. This means it is loaded with beneficial bacteria known as probiotics. In addition,

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