lacto fermented coleslawI just love coleslaw, or slawwww as we say in the South.

Basic slaw, German slaw, Asian slaw – you name it.   It’s all yummy to me.

The primary ingredient of coleslaw is shredded raw cabbage. Unfortunately, as any woman who has breastfed knows, for those first few months,

egg free mayoOne of the very first videos I ever filmed for this blog was how to make homemade mayonnaise. In the years since, I have received numerous requests for an egg free mayonnaise version.

At long last, here is a delicious egg free mayonnaise that I devised after a bit of experimentation.

barbecue chicken

Our family loves barbecue chicken wings but the ones you get when eating out are a surefire recipe for one nasty headache.  The reason is that commercially prepared barbecue sauces are loaded with MSG using one of a number of aliases on the ingredients label designed to fool the consumer into complacency.

homemade mustardMustard is an ancient spice used traditionally all over the world for both culinary and medicinal purposes. No surprises then that homemade mustard is a traditional condiment as well!

In Ancient Egypt, mustard was used as respiratory therapy and later, in the Middle Ages, asthma was treated with this pungent, sulphur containing seed.


homemade steak sauceIn my Basic Dressings and Sauces Video, I demonstrate how to make 8 different condiments and dressings in a snap.  Due to time constraints and trying the keep the video under 10 minutes, I didn’t include a homemade steak sauce.

Store bought steak sauce is something I stopped buying years ago as it seems they are all loaded with MSG.  

mayoLife without mayonnaise?  Perish the thought! Mayonnaise is an essential condiment in the kitchen and making mayo yourself is so simple and easy that once you give it a go, you won’t be settling for anything from the store – including the healthfood store – ever again!

The smooth, creamy texture and sheer elegance that quality mayo imparts to sandwiches,

teriyaki sauce recipeI go through a lot of homemade sauces cooking for my family. I use the easy teriyaki sauce recipe below primarily for marinating chicken. It is also very useful for making homemade barbecue sauce as well.

Bottled teriyaki sauce from the grocery store has so many additives that it is downright frightening to read the label.