homemade breakfast sausageI’ve written in the past how we try to go grain free in our household a day or two each week, usually on the weekend. The practice really isn’t necessary as no one is gluten sensitive or has allergies in our home, but my husband and I have been practicing this since last summer when we both came off a few months on GAPS.

sourdough french toast casserole

My kids are no different than most – they don’t care for bread crusts.  The problem is, I spend upwards of $6 per loaf for high quality sourdough or sprouted flour bread and I don’t like to waste a single slice!

I used to make my own bread years ago when there weren’t any quality breads available.  

Calamondin Orange TreeThere’s no doubt that a glass of orange juice is firmly entrenched in our cultural psyche as an important part of a healthy breakfast.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Let’s start this New Year by debunking a glass of OJ as the Holy Grail of a healthy breakfast,

soaked wafflesOne of the holiday traditions in our home is eating soaked waffles on Christmas morning after all the presents have been opened. In past years, I have always used the waffle recipe from Nourishing Traditions cookbook. I dutifully soaked the freshly ground, whole wheat, einkorn or spelt flour in buttermilk, yogurt, or kefir the night before and whipped up the batter in the morning.

clabbered milk smoothieDid you know that a clabbered raw milk smoothie tastes very similar to one made with drinkable style yogurt?  This is perhaps the best and most economical way to use farm fresh milk that is no longer at its best for drinking!

In 2004, I wrote an article for Wise Traditions journal titled Learning to Maximize the Use of Your Real Milk and Cream.  

We go grain free in our home every weekend, and this past Saturday, everyone had a hankering for muffins.   I found this recipe from Organic and Thrifty and it looked absolutely perfect for what I was looking for.

I used the original recipe pretty closely,

almond flour pancakesI devised this recipe for almond flour pancakes one Friday night some years ago when my husband and I got the late night munchies. I recommend a food processor (doesn’t have to be a Vitamix) rather than a grain grinder to make almond flour due to the oiliness of the nuts. Grain grinders don’t work very well for grinding most nuts,