breakfast pizza recipeFor many folks, the words breakfast pizza may bring to mind a slice or two of cold pizza left in a cardboard delivery box, precariously perched on a living room end table or sofa from a late night party the previous evening.

While this kind of breakfast pizza may be rather popular with college students,

Editor’s Note:  If bone marrow is not a food you’ve had the pleasure of trying before (it’s insanely delicious), take a quick peak at this video lesson on bone marrow which will show you how to easily obtain and cook this nutrient dense Sacred Food that is a huge boost to the immune system!  

corn flakes recipeGiving up boxed breakfast cereal from the store is without a doubt one of the hardest tasks to accomplish after adopting a Traditional Diet. I was the Boxed Breakfast Cereal Queen before opting to get off the processed food train 2 decades ago. I would eat organic cereal morning,

sprouted Belgian waffles recipeOur family loves my Belgian waffles recipe using sprouted flour. Sprouted waffles are our family’s breakfast of choice most weekends. The kids almost always request them as their special birthday breakfast too.

I’ve tried so many different Belgian waffle recipes over the years, I’ve honestly lost count. I’ve made them with various flours as well including kamut,

soaked oatmeal

One of the trickiest aspects of implementing the traditional method of soaked oatmeal in order to maximize the nutrition, eliminate antinutrients, and considerably improve digestibility is getting used to the slightly sour taste.

Some of you are even going so far as to rinse the soaked oatmeal after cooking,

bread crustsDo you find yourself wasting bread crusts or feeding them to the chickens, ducks or other birds in the backyard? This is not a very frugal strategy considering the high price of a quality loaf of bread these days. A quality loaf of properly prepared sourdough bread or sprouted bread is going to set you back somewhere between 5-10 US$.

coconut milk smoothie recipeEating well while on the road is a serious challenge. In particular, I find getting a sufficient amount of quality fats to be really tricky given that most restaurants no longer even serve real butter!

Forget about decent milk and cream unless you happen to be traveling to a friend or relative’s home who also eats traditionally.

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