kefir smoothie recipeWant to change your breakfast for the better in a hurry?  A morning kefir smoothie will do the trick like nothing else.

You can tell a lot about people just by finding out what they eat for breakfast. When people ask me how to improve their diet for the better, this is a typical first question I ask.

starving children in vietnam

Last week, I was paging through one of my favorite magazines “Fast Company” and noticed an article about a very successful program to combat childhood malnutrition in Vietnam. In the 1990’s, two staff members from Save the Children, Jerry and Monique Sternin, arrived in Vietnam with very little funding and no language or cultural experience tasked with finding a way to combat severe child malnutrition in the poor,

homemade sodaTraditionally made, fermented, homemade soda is the beverage of choice in our home. Such drinks like kombucha, kvass, and homemade root beer are loaded with probiotics, are delicious to drink, and greatly assist digestion and nutrient absorption when sipped with meals.

What to do if you are temporarily out of homemade soda and the kids really are wanting something “soda like”? 


If you are in support of vaccinations, this well written, concise and compelling letter by world renowned neurologist Dr. Russell Blaylock MD will dismantle every single argument used to support this inhumane, barbaric practice. I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Blaylock at a conference a few years ago. He is an extremely intelligent,

The Untold Story of BUTTER

by Sarah Pope MGA Comments: 59healthy fats

butterFifty years ago, a sea change began to occur in the perception of nutrition in America, and hence, the entire Western World. It started shortly after World War II when butter and other saturated fats became public enemy #1 through the apparent link between their consumption and heart disease.

Cholesterol rich foods such as egg yolks and liver joined the list of vilified foods during the 1970’s as the public was told by doctors,

fudge recipes, chocolate peanut butter fudgeHere is a great way to get lots of raw pastured butter into your kids. Chocolate peanut butter fudge – recipe at the end! Don’t know where to get raw butter? 

eating healthy on a budgetA number of readers have emailed and asked me to blog about eating healthy on a tight budget. This article on how a single parent manages eating healthy on food stamps is illustrative of the challenge! 

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