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The Sarasota Herald-Tribune posted an article on raw milk. I was interviewed for the piece and quoted a couple of times.

Thought you might like to take a look! You can read it here.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

sushi on a bamboo matI am still in a state of shock at Tom Watson’s historic run for the British Open golf title this past weekend. At 59 years old, looking trim, fit, and healthy, Tom did what no one thought possible at his age. He took on the young guns of the PGA Tour, many of them more than 3 decades his junior,

Today, I traveled across town to my favorite local buying club to stock up on high quality grassfed meats and jersey milk cheeses. I make this trip every few months and save myself a small fortune. In fact, I have no doubt that I spend at least half what a typical family of five would spend at a regular grocery store buying cheap,

Raw Milk Rocks!

by Sarah Pope MGA Comments: 8Raw Milk at Home


My family and I have been drinking raw milk for over 15 years. I drank it when I was pregnant and my children drink it every day. They are all a healthy weight for their ages, yet it’s no surprise that they are quite a bit heavier (not visually ..

Organic is Passe?

by Sarah Pope MGA Comments: 2Healthy Living

The Washington Post ran an article last week about how the “USDA Organic” label is increasingly losing its integrity as more and more companies actively and aggressively seek to have the label on their packaged foods. See full article at:

It is no surprise that “organic” doesn’t mean what it used to.

Evos: Healthy Fast Food?

by Sarah Pope MGA Comments: 6Healthy Living

My family went to Evos for lunch today. It was my first (and last) time there. Perhaps you’ve heard of the catchy marketing phrase they use … “feel great fast food”. Here’s the website in case you want to take a look:

Yikes! I did not find this food either tasty or “feel great”

The Truth about Soup

by Sarah Pope MGA Comment: 1Healthy Living

Soup is perceived by just about everyone as the quintessential healthy food. This reputation is well deserved. Soup truly is a wonder food IF it is made traditionally. I will go into how to make soup properly in a moment. But first, let me tell you how NOT to make it.

Restaurants typically make their “homemade”

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