Breastfeeding for the depressed

By Dr. Kelly Brogan MD

As is the case with most parenting-related decisions, breastfeeding, and the right not to, are the subject of a polarized debate with potential feelings of shame, guilt, and resentment experienced by those mothers who feel that they “don’t measure up”.



By Dr. Kelly Brogan MD

These days, many women embark on conception and pregnancy apprehensive about the potential for postpartum depression or anxiety to descend upon them in those early, exhausting, new baby months.

Since the characterization and treatment of postpartum anxiety, depression, and psychosis remains largely incomplete,

Turmeric:  Wonder Spice to combat depression

By Dr. Kelly Brogan MD

Every Monday, I make a Bolognese. I learned the recipe-less technique from my Tuscan mom whose simple dishes have consistently outdone some of the 5 star chef creations I’ve had at Manhattan restaurants.

With two kids at home, this traditional Italian sauce becomes a stealth transport vehicle for kale,

breastfeedingThere are few things more demoralizing than failing to feed your newborn despite your best efforts to breastfeed. In my practice and among friends, I have found myself asking repeatedly, “What is going on here? What’s with the supply drama?”

Statistically, a full 50% of women are not able to meet their breastfeeding goals.

By Dr. Kelly Brogan MD

GardasilWhen I was in medical school, I had my first abnormal Pap, and it was quite abnormal, a precancerous lesion described as CIN2 (now revealed to be one of the most inaccurately diagnosed pathologies). I had two very unpleasant “therapeutic biopsies” called colposcopies,

thyroidBy Dr. Kelly Brogan MD, Holistic Psychiatrist

So, what got me so into Functional Medicine? About 9 months after the birth of my first daughter, I was 7.5 months back to work at the hospital and in my private practice.

I was long back to my prepregnancy weight and loving motherhood,

By Dr. Kelly Brogan MD, Holistic Psychiatrist


Those who know me would say I’ve always had “issues with authority”.

Fiercely motivated by my insistence on being a know-it-all, I have an incredible hunger for information. This brought me to the most real-life application of information there is: health and medicine.

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