Toxins in Conventional Makeup Steal Fertility

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

toxic makeup

With women choosing to start their families at later ages, new research which indicates that the simple use of makeup and other cosmetics could bring on menopause anywhere from 2.3 to perhaps as much as 15 years early is a grave cause for concern.

The analysis, conducted by a team of scientists led by Dr. Natalia Grindler of Washington University in St. Louis, involved examination of the level of phthalates in the urine of 5,700 women.

Phthalates are a common group of chemicals that have widespread use in makeup and other personal care items such as shampoo, body lotions. cleansers, perfume, nail polish, liquid soap, and hair spray.

Phthalates are used in many other types of products too including children’s toys (even those for mouthing and teething!), food packaging, paint, wax, print ink, and the list goes on and on.  From a manufacturer’s point of view, phthalates are desirable as they greatly increase a product’s flexibility, transparency, and/or durability.

According to Dr. Grindler, women studied who had the highest levels of phthalates in their blood were found to start menopause a full 2.3 years before the other women.  This is not the first research to indicate the negative impact of phthalates on reproduction.   A study released in October 2012 in the journal Reproductive Toxicology indicated that mice experience reproductive abnormalities when exposed to the phthalate DEHP.

Even more concerning, Dr. Grindler said in her remarks at the American Society of Reproductive Medicine’s conference in San Diego, California that some women may be going through the change as early as their mid-thirties as a result of chemical overexposure much of it likely from bad makeup.

“Early menopause has a lot of impact on your health. We absolutely think these chemicals have the potential to affect ovarian function and human reproduction.

“There’s a lot that we don’t know at this point, our research is still preliminary, but it’s enough to suggest it is having a detrimental impact in the long term.”

Menopause in your mid-thirties?  This is a huge problem for women who put off starting a family in order to pursue a career.  I myself didn’t have my first child until I was 34 so this particular study really hit a nerve with me.

How to Avoid the Bad Makeup Trap?

There is no doubt that it is well-nigh impossible for women to avoid phthalates altogether as they are ubiquitous in our toxic soup modern environment.  There are definitely ways to minimize exposure, however, and dietary strategies can be employed to maximize the body’s ability to handle whatever phthalates come its way.

#1:  Stop Using Conventional Makeup and Personal Care Products

Stopping the use of conventional makeup and using only toxin free makeup made with natural ingredients is a huge step as the skin absorbs chemicals into the blood quite readily.  According to the industry magazine In-Cosmetics, the average women who uses bad makeup and other personal care products absorbs over 4 lbs of chemicals each and every year!

#2:  Eat Fresh Foods and Minimize Anything in a Package

Eating fresh food and minimizing the use of packaged food would help enormously as well because phthalates are widely used in the packaging of processed foods.

#3:  Eat Liberal Amounts of Homemade Bone Broth

Plenty of homemade bone broths in the diet on a regular basis is a dietary strategy that can help tremendously with any phthalate exposure that does occur despite a woman’s best efforts.  Bone broth is extremely high in the amino acid glycine via natural gelatin which is essential for the liver to adequately perform its detoxification duties.  In fact, the liver is greatly hampered if there isn’t enough glycine in the diet so it makes sense to consume liberal amounts of bone broth which includes glycine in a form that is very easily absorbed.

Dr. Reuben Ottenberg in 1935 suggested in the Journal of the American Medical Association that patients with jaundice or other liver problems be administered 5-10 grams of gelatin per day as food or via a powdered gelatin supplement to supply additional glycine to the diet in order to encourage normalized hepatic function.

#4:  Take a Daily Dose of Fermented Cod Liver Oil

According to Frederick W. Plapp, Jr., PhD, true Vitamin A (retinol, NOT beta carotene), and vitamin A hormone (retinoic acid), are necessary for normal functioning of the immune system and for the protein synthesis processes involved in reproduction.

Environmental chemicals such as phthalates interfere with vitamin A pathways so a daily dose of high quality fermented cod liver oil containing natural Vitamin A (not just any old brand from the healthfood store which usually contain synthetic Vitamin A or inadequate levels of natural Vitamin A) is crucial to provide the extra reserves needed for the body to function properly – particularly on a reproductive level.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

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  1. Dave Green via Facebook October 15, 2014 at 5:19 am

    There are lots of organic and natural alternatives available now – I see Nyr organic, but green people and bare minerals also sell ranges so alternatives are out there if people know enough to look

  2. Elizabeth Barber LeDoux via Facebook October 15, 2014 at 4:42 am

    I love wearing makeup and would rock that lipstick. This is something I think about and worry about quite a bit.

  3. Mandy Robinson via Facebook October 15, 2014 at 1:53 am

    Check out Redeeming Beauty. It’s an all-natural, handmade make up line made by my sister-in-law Emily. I don’t use make up at all, never liked it and neither does my husband, but Emily’s products are truly one of a kind. :-)

  4. Elle Kilmister via Facebook October 15, 2014 at 1:39 am

    It’s easy to say ‘I don’t wear make up, I’m all natural’ when you don’t have a skin condition on your face that cause people to stare or make negative comments.

  5. Destiny Smith via Facebook October 15, 2014 at 12:24 am

    I’m sure the company’s that have the all natural makeup don’t have anything to do with this being a report.

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  8. Hi Sarah!

    Do you know whether mineral makeup is safe to wear during pregnancy? I’m trying t find a make-up that is safe (skin deep database) and it’s so hard to find one I like (definitely can’t find liquid ones).

  9. Megan Haney via Facebook January 13, 2013 at 8:27 pm

    Hogwash. Thankfully, it isn’t as instantaneous as you proclaim, an we are a whole lot thicker skinned than is being presented.

  10. I get all my chemical free make-up and bath and body care, plus bug spray…at Their prices are great…I paid $14 for a container of powder mineral foundation that has lasted me 13 months now…and I’m still not done with it! I used to pay $14 a bottle every 2-3 months for Neutrogena.

  11. Anyone interested in a chemical free, moisturizing bar soap? Check out my page on here. Mary MacDonald, I remember reading somewhere that people with a vitamin B deficiency tend to attract mosquitos. Not sure how true that is, I too know people that feed the mosquitos while others go bite free. Quite a mystery.

  12. Kymberly Trana via Facebook January 13, 2013 at 5:24 pm

    Vanilla is the best deterrent. A little dab and you will not get bothered…and the people around you will love it too! :). Also, don’t eat banana’s. You will get gobbled!

  13. Carey Blaney via Facebook January 13, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    did you tell her? It would have bugged me so much not to speak up but also then I’d be scared to say anything also LOL

  14. Leslie Nyholm via Facebook January 13, 2013 at 4:05 pm

    NYR Organic couldn’t be more proud to be one of the first to be awarded “Champion” status by The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics!

  15. Leslie Nyholm via Facebook January 13, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    Neils Yard Remedies started life 30 years ago in London , England. Since day one we’ve been passionate about transforming people’s lives and supporting the environment, by encouraging a more natural and holistic way of life.
    We believe in safe cosmetics and support EWG and the Skin Deep Database, where ALL our products are listed. You won’t find parabens, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances and other “nasties” in our skincare.
    Come see what we’re about!

  16. I tried coconut oil last summer – didn’t work with Finnish mosquitos, we got bitten anyway. We are thinking about travelling to India (first time with the kids) and there one most certainly needs a working mosquito repellant. In the past we have used DEET-products because they were the only ones that worked! I wouldn’t want to do that with the kids but we must protect them against malaria, dengue fever and japanese encephalitis… Do you have a natural alternative against Indian mosquitos? There are many many products that we can get from India but I’m quite sure they are full of nasty chemicals :(

  17. Mary MacDonald via Facebook January 13, 2013 at 3:16 pm

    Does anyone know why mosquitos seem to have a preference for certain people? I think I’ve been bitten once in the last 20 years.

  18. Trisha Laszlo via Facebook January 13, 2013 at 2:56 pm

    While I don’t love DEET and try to reduce use, it’s one of the only truly effective products that stops mosquitoes. Sometimes the diseases carried by mosquitoes may be more dangerous to a pregnant woman than the DEET.

  19. Tricia Hagedorn Lucas via Facebook January 13, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    So … As I was reading this, guess what advertisements popped up in the right? Lancôme and Smashbox. Ugh.

  20. Carrie Stutler Dunham via Facebook January 13, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    Mary, have you tried anything with cedar oil? You may smell like a tree but those bugs won’t bother you! :)

  21. Stephanie Howell Wright via Facebook January 13, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    I put about 10 drops of citronella oil and lemongrass oil in a bottle of witch hazel and spritz that on us. We live in Louisiana where mosquitoes are as big as dogs and, as long as I don’t forget it, we don’t get bit.

  22. Carrie Stutler Dunham via Facebook January 13, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    Great timing! I’m online looking at the ingredients in cosmetics from a company that claims to be pure, safe and beneficial and the ingredients are scary!!! I just found Lemongrass Spa products and am loving them and their prices!!

  23. My favorite retail site for purchasing all-natural, non-toxic and organic makeup and beauty products is Spirit Beauty Lounge. They have amazing selection and their products are highly effective and completely safe. Zeros or ones on the toxic scale of Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database. Customer service is fantastic if you have questions about different products, they’re highly responsive and knowledgable. They ship very quickly and the best part is you get FREE samples with every order. They are highly selective in terms of the products they sell, not your typical natural products that have been a while for a while (that may be okay). They instead offer the latest and greatest in natural, non-toxic products. Definitely a little expensive, but worth it!! Plus most products last a long time given high quality ingredients and high concentrations – so a bottle of cleanser or cream may last 3 months so when you divide the cost it’s probably comparable to toxic dept. store and even cheap drug store brand buys. My favorite line is Tata Harper Skin Care. I use the entire line, just amazing!

  24. Janet Hartmann Maxey via Facebook January 13, 2013 at 2:28 pm

    Yep. I’m 41 and I went thru menopause at 37. I’m not peri menopausal or even menopausal. I’m post menopausal. Done. Thank God I already had 3 children when this happened. I could not imagine wanting children and not being able to have them…

  25. Nathan Fischer's Eider Janes via Facebook January 13, 2013 at 2:23 pm

    People no longer think, they allow their televisions to think for them.
    They demand Health Care Reform, but what they need is “What you put in and on your body Reform”

  26. Sarah, How do you make your honey soap? Would you PLEASE share your personal make up brand? I’m going to start with your baking soda & organic apple cider vinegar hair (& body) wash (I researched this – great share! Thank you!). So overwhelmed trying figure this makeup thing out! I’m 41 & would still love to have at least 1 more baby… along with our adopted children.
    PS: I follow your posts each day… my family is blessed by your heart to share your knowledge of healthy life choices. Thank you!
    PS2: We feed our adopted son WAP baby formula & your video helped me so much at the beginning. So easy & I’m so quick at this now! I have a freezer full of grass fed beef broth, beef & chicken feet… 😉 Love our raw milk dairy farmer too. :)

  27. Thanks for this post, Sarah. I just wanted to give a big thumbs up for 100% Pure. I decided to put in an order there after seeing a few comments about it here. I’m in my 20’s, love makeup, but plan on having many more children! I just wanted to let everyone know I am VERY impressed! I figured it would not look as good as the makeup I’m using now, but it would be worth it for my health. So, I planned wear the Pure stuff everyday, but I was going to keep my “conventional” makeup (Dior, Stila, Bobbie Brown) for special occasions or photos. Well, I got my new 100% Pure makeup yesterday and I loved it so much that I just decided to throw all the conventional stuff out for good!

    I know other brands have been mentioned here as well and I’m sure those are good too. I don’t mean to exclude them or say 100% Pure is the best, just that there are definitely healthier options out there and to my surprise this makeup was just as good as the chemical-loaded stuff!

  28. Pingback: Your Use Of Makeup Can Cause Early Menopause

  29. Hi Sarah!
    Just saw your post and wanted to share a link to my website Organic Glow. I represent the Miessence line and the mineral makeups contain ONLY zinc oxide (no titanium dioxide). I’d be happy to assist you further if you have any questions on any of the Miessence line. I really enjoy using the products myself and find great they are not only great as “makeup”, but moisturizing and protective from the sun.

  30. Valerie,
    You can make it really simple and seek out food grade certified organic formulations. They will have the same seal as your organic food. That means every single ingredient is held to the same standars in how the agriculture is grown, extracted, processed, emulsified, preserved, bottled, etc… Literally edible and as safe as it gets! I am an independent rep for Miessence who in 2001 created the world’s first skincare/bodycare line to earn food grade organic certification from USDA organic and Australian Certified Organic. You can find lots of helpful label reading tips in the About/Consumer Education section of my site if you want to read more on how to find such products.

  31. Girl’s if you are looking for lipstick the best I’ve found after a long search is Primitive–love every thing about it including the look, the colors the feel. if someone knows a better, safer one, please post. I need foundation that is not a mineral powder and safe or at the least a concealer. I have worn Revlon make- up since I was 19. I had multiple miscarriages and reproductive and hormone issues since my early 20s. Have been in premenopause since late 30s and now in late 40’s entering menopause., I do need make-up. I have autoimmune disease. I have dark circles and wrinkles and uneven skin tone, thinning and dry skin due to menopause and my ahotimmune thyroid disease.

  32. So what companies make FERMENTED cod liver oil and where do I get this? Also, there are some chemical free make- ups put there like the mineral based formulas. What brand is good? What is safe? What are other people using. When I am told something isn’t good then I need alternatives!

  33. interesting. I spent the 3 yrs before gettin prgo changing to minarail make up. then go prego and now that I have kid I spend the time I would doll myself up with my kid instead. more important!

  34. does anyone have recommendations for a good natural concealer? i don’t use a lot of makeup, mainly just mascara and some blush, but i need to use concealer under my eyes and to touch up red spots. i’ve had an extremely hard time finding a good natural concealer. :(

  35. Thanks for one’s marvelous posting! I seriously enjoyed reading it, you could be a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and definitely will come back from now on. I want to encourage continue your great job, have a nice day!

  36. I’ve been using natural body care for a number of years, so I thought I would just list what I do, to add to the conversation.
    Make-up: None. My mother uses a make-up that is made from berries and nuts (not sure what brand), after she found out that the red color in many make-ups comes from mercury ore. The berry make-up does not stay on as well as conventional make-up, but my mother reports that her skin is healthier.
    Soap: None. For bathing, I scrub with just water (filtered). For deeper cleansing, I sometimes use baking soda, with an oil application afterwards. For disinfectant, I use grapefruit seed extract, coconut oil, tea tree oil, or garlic oil (smelly!). My family smells better without soap.
    Shampoo: None. I rinse my hair with water (filtered) a few times per week. Then, every few months, I do a deep clean with a baking soda solution, rinsed with apple cider vinegar. Afterwards, I massage a pea-sized bit of coconut oil into my scalp. This helps limit the natural oil production from my scalp. If my scalp gets itchy, I use another bit of coconut oil, with tea tree oil added.
    Lotion: Coconut oil, with possibly tea tree oil for a rash.
    I don’t put anything on my body that I wouldn’t eat.

  37. Now i’m planning to uncover nearly as much concerning the online browsing on town as I can easily. May everybody advocate their best weblogs, youtube manages, or even online sites for you to locate clearest? Which ones tend to be most widely used? Thank you!.

  38. Sarah I have a question that has nothing to do with your post but I do not know where I can find an answer… our baby turned 10 months now and we notice that sometimes she “twists” her left eye especially when she is focusing an object that is closer to her face. I made some research and saw that she can eventually have strabismus. Do you have any idea about what causes strabismus – according to the good old medical school? Nothing comes by chance and I suspect that it can have something to do with the kidneys but I am not sure… I want to help my baby naturally, avoiding unecessary medicine and even unecessary surgery. I am waiting for something that can bring some light. Thank you so much!

  39. 100% Pure (that’s the brand) has wonderful makeup. It’s made with all fruit pigments, pure oils and butters, and mica – that’s it – other than the foundations which have titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. I stay away from them because of the titanium dioxide, but otherwise it’s all great. in fact, I was just about to order some stuff now :)

  40. Sandra Waters via Facebook November 1, 2012 at 1:16 am

    I agree regarding the Bubble & Bee. They’re certified USDA organic! Fabulous products and a fabulous gal running the company, answering questions and helping folks learn about healthy products!

  41. Rebekkah Lynn via Facebook October 31, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    Thank you so much Sarah. I also use coconut oil on my skin but I still see light wrinkles. Trying to do all I can to stop or slow down the aging on the skin. I have connective tissues issues I think. I started drinking the chicken and beef bone broth to see if that will help.

  42. You know that phalates are in TONS of products, not just makeup. And it seems like plastic food containers/ food wraps would be of much more concern than makeup. And that’s not all. You and one of your sources state that phalates could be causing some ladies to start menopause 15 yrs early. This is balderdash! The scientist who did the study said it found that those with more phalates in their blood, entered menopause a little more than 2 yrs earlier. That’s it. She specifically said she could not explain why these women had higher levels. She also said she could not say whether there were women in the study who started menopause 15 yrs early. She COULD NOT SAY. That’s pretty clear to me. She said this was a preliminary study, and requires follow-up. So why not publish the facts & let women decide what to do with the info – instead of making women paranoid about wearing makeup??

  43. I think it’s worth mentioning that avoiding early menopause is beneficial to more than just having children. Early menopause can have a large impact on a woman’s general AND reproductive health, sexual life and self-image. Hormones play a huge part in our well-being and are worth protecting.

  44. Very good post, thank you. I know you have tried to explain a bit here in the comments about using the baking soda in the bath for your hair, and that you don’t want to talk much about safe make-up brands so you don’t leave out some that are good … Maybe you would consider doing a whole post on just this? It would be very helpful for those of us who would like to know more about what you are specifically doing. Wading through the 84+ comments here is VERY time consuming, and most of it is not relevant to everyone. If you were to go through your comment section here and compose a specific blog article to answer these questions, and explain your personal routine in detail, that would be so helpful for many of your readers. Thanks so much!

  45. Kate @ Modern Alternative Mama October 31, 2012 at 5:55 pm

    I haven’t worn make up in 10 years or more…I’ve used baking soda on my hair for perhaps 2 years (for those struggling, I *must* add essential oils to my mix or it doesn’t work for me. My water is hard and my hair tends towards oily. The EO makes this not a problem though. I usually use grapefruit). If I use soap, it is typically Dr. Bronner’s, but I don’t even use that too often. No other commercial personal care products. Soup or stock 3 – 4x a week at least. Rarely packaged foods.

    Although it’s entirely anecdotal, I have the least complicated maternity history ever. I’m pregnant with #4 (at 27) and have had no miscarriages, no complications whatsoever. Babies have only gotten healthier as I’ve learned more about a traditional diet and have been more careful about probiotics and less sugar. I totally believe it’s possible to be healthy and have babies well into your 30s and beyond! If you are careful. :)

    • I just had to comment when I saw this….I love 100% Pure makeup. I really want to go makeup-free, but sometimes I don’t feel good without it (I need to drink more water and bone broth and exercise among other things) and I feel the need to wear it to work. So, of all the research I have done and short of making my own makeup, I love 100% Pure. The ingredients they list all seem great to me, but who knows? They could be withholding information. Based on my experience and their ingredient list, I would definitely recommend all of 100% Pure’s bodycare products. Their shampoo and conditioner smell like oatmeal cookies!!!

  46. Dr. Louisa Williams, author of Radical Medicine, has a “best bets” list of personal care products listed on her website. I remember her saying she does multiple types of testing, including energetically, as well as whether the products actually work.

  47. Ce Adams via Facebook October 31, 2012 at 3:47 pm

    Guess that’s why I didn’t have any issues! Have always worn very little make up and now 100% make up free.

      • I don’t know if this answers your question, but loose powder mineral makeup is not recommended because of the potential risk of inhaling trace amounts of heavy metals. Airborn particles are one of the big concerns with heavy metals. Unless you can get a guarantee that they do thorough and independent testing, I’d stay away from those products and companies.

        Of course, anything you put on your skin gets absorbed through the skin as well. The skin is not an impenetrable barrier as once thought.

        See my comment below about Dr. Louisa Williams’ body care recommendations.

  48. Thanks Sarah! A very important aspect of health is the burden we place on our bodies with unnecessary chemical exposures. I am a rep for Miessence and the creator of our skincare and bodycare was the first in the world to create products in which every ingredient is held to the standards of organic food and bears the seals of USDA organic or Australian Certified Organic. This occurred in 2009 and since then she has created quite an array of products. You can view the line of products here: and can read about the certification levels available for the different product ranges here

    Most of the Miessence products are certified to food grade organic standards except those that have a high mineral, baking soda or beeswax content (which are natural but non-agricultural, thus not certified under the USDA organic program) and then the three products that are just as pure as the food grade except for the fact that they that contain one ingredient that is of natural origin, but has been green chemistry processed with synthetics. This ingredient is “organic” by most other industry standards, but Miessence strives for full disclosure on ingredients and processing and it is not food grade organic. Those three products (2 shampoos, hair conditioner and bodywash) are certified to the most strict organic cosmetic standards and although they are not food grade, they are effective and the most pure I’ve encountered for a traditional “shampoo” and “conditioner”.

    I am passionate about empowering consumers with information. If any of your readers would like to read some tips on reading labels I have lots of information on my site in the About section.

    Thanks for all you do!!!


  49. Loved this post. As a make-up lover, I found conventional make-up hard to give up, but I have been avoiding conventional make-up and personal care products for over 3 years. I am now committed to help other women to find safer cosmetics. I see these young girls doing make-up tutorials on Youtube, dipping their brushes in “nano-powders”, and I think about their poor lungs….I am particularly concerned about them. I recommend reading Rose Marie Swift’s testimonial. Also, avoid perfumes at all costs!

  50. Sarah are BPAs the same as thalates? I ask because last winter I had 4 mercury fillings replaced with composities which I just found out have a small amount of BPAs in them. This last year since the dental work I had 2 miscarriages. I had 2 healthy pregnancies before the dental work. I am also 42 so it’s highly possible there were other things going on but I ask because thanks to your blog on BPAs affecting children’s behavior which I sent to me dentist, she has now switched over to BPA free composties. I am thinking of having my fillings replaced yet once again for the BPA fre ones but am not sure if it is really worth. The interesting thing is my denitist said her and her assistant immediatley started feeling better after they began working with this new material. But once again being it is a plastic I don’t know how much better it could be. Any suggestions?

  51. Rebekkah Lynn via Facebook October 31, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    Sarah thank you for other great article. You have the most amazing, beautiful skin! I know it is what you eat but can I ask what you use for eye creams, face creams, or what you wash your face with? I have tried to find it in your articles but couldn’t. Thank you for any help!

  52. Rana Joon via Facebook October 31, 2012 at 2:15 pm

    I’ve noticed a lot of people are mentioned brands that contain Titanium Dioxide. This has also recently found to be harmful, especially in powder forms where it can be inhaled. Definitely look into that!
    Also, can someone enlighten me on what kind of packaging to avoid with phlates?

  53. Interesting. I have worn make-up, more or less, probably 2-3 days a week, all my adult life, though I have never worn it heavily. I was 41, 46 and 52 years old with my last pregnancies. All natural, no help (other than from dh, lol).

    I have a great testimony for WP way of eating from my husband’s dentistry appointment yesterday. We have been solid WP eaters for about 6 months. At my husband’s appointment yesterday, the hygienist commented on how great his teeth and gums looked. She said he must have been doing something different–that she had never seen his gums without inflammation. AND his teeth have become so white, she replaced a very yellow looking filling in order for it to match. It has been looking like a piece of corn sitting on his tooth. The hygienist took notes and said she would be looking up Weston Price! (It amazed me a dental hygienist hasn’t heard of him)

  54. Thank you ladies for all the info….it is so helpful for me since i started doing my best on leaving as natural as i can..

  55. Julie Gerasimenko via Facebook October 31, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    I am a makeup kind of girl. I wish SO BAD I knew of a brand that was not full of crap!! I would pay big bucks if it worked and was natural!

    • Leaf and Bud Naturals (an online vendor) have all-natural cosmetics. They sell different brands and they investigate each ingredient in each product before they put it on their shelves.

    • I’m a lipstick/blush kind of girl, myself. Sometimes it’s hard to find natural cosmetics that wear like conventional ones. I like Maia’s Minerals Sometimes it’s hard to find natural cosmetics that wear like conventional ones. The lipsticks are like “real” lipstick with great wear longevity, the blushes are beautiful and the eyeshadows are also like ‘real” eyeshadow in fantastic colors. I have yet to find a good foundation or concealer, however…

  56. In reference to shampoo and crappy chemicals there… check out Bubble & Bee Organic… I LOVE their products and have been using the shampoo for about a year now. Love it! I have put a lot of effort into weeding synthetic chemicals out of my body care products.

  57. I just want to add the enteric coatings on supplements (especially vitamin C), OTC drugs, and prescription drugs are one of the most common ways to poison the body with phthalates. Phthalates are not just in make-up and hygiene products.

  58. I use mineral make-up. It is pure and toxin free. It is simply powder that you just brush on. Consider using natural soaps or baking soda for cleansing your body and hair. There are many, many alternatives. Never use antiperspirants or mainstream deoderants either.

  59. Me'shell Carranza via Facebook October 31, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    I’m not trying to have children, but I still feel its important what we put on our skin(largest organ) because what is absorbed through our skin goes into our bloodstream. Ive switched about 95% of my cosmetics and body products so far. I make my own. I also use and sell the 100% Pure Brand and Afterglow cosmetics brand.

  60. I haven’t worn make up in 10 years, since my first baby was born. I don’t miss it and my husband thinks I am beautiful without it.

    I think most women are hiding behind their make up masks. Come out and be yourself!

  61. Melissa Northrop Smart via Facebook October 31, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    Heh, I lost the makeup because I already had the babies. Who has time? I still appreciate the information though.

  62. If you’re in the UK, a great online natural cosmetics store is
    They carry a lot of organic brands and I’ve been getting stuff there for years. Love it.

    As for the people asking about natural conditioners – just follow up your baking soda wash with apple cider vinegar. I dilute the vinegar with a tiny bit of water and pour all over my head. It doesn’t smell and leaves your hair really shiny and smooth (I’ve curly hair too so if it can tame my mop, it’ll def work on your hair!)

    • I tried using about a 1/4 cup acv mixed with enough water to make a whole cup, or so. I think it works fine but my husband hates the smell of it, and honestly, I can still smell it at the end of the day too. I try to rinse it out well as well. I need to play with it to see if I can hide the smell somehow.

      • Jenny, make sure You are not leaving the Acv sitting in your hair before rinsing. I rinse pretty quickly thereafter and only put it in the ends. No smell…

      • Maybe try using less ACV. I only use about 1 TBLS of ACV in nearly 8 oz of water, but my hair is straight and fine. Also, you can try lemon juice as an alternative.

  63. I’m always puzzled by the tendency of younger women to cake on the makeup these days — it seems so unnecessary given their youthful skin.

    I also wonder about the mineral based loose powders that are so fashionable. I know I’ve heard Sally Fallon and others caution against their use due to the potential to breathe in traces of heavy metals.

    There’s no testing for these products and not ingredients are off limits, so it really is buyer beware.

    My motto has become “never put on your body something you wouldn’t eat.”

  64. I would be helpful to have somewhere to start. I’ve spent hours on EWG’s website to find cosmetics that are less toxic. It would be nice if people could chime in on products that actually have a store where you can try out colors and see in person. (If this exists). Otherwise it’s shipping back and forth in the mail… which I will do if I have to, but I would love to know if there’s a brick and mortar place that carries some of these brands.

    • I’ve been searching just this week for a natural foundation. I found Ulta stores carry some paraben free products. Lorac and Pur are two. Tarte, also carried by them, has a paraben-free product, but includes aluminum. Lorac and Pur do not. Also, Lorac does not contain any phthalates. You can sample the products there also. You can also search the products on their website and look at their ingredients.

    • Let me add, not all the products by Lorac and Pur are paraben, phthalates and aluminum free. The foundation I looked at by Lorac was under their “Natural Performance” line. Pur’s was a 4-in-1 liquid foundation.

    • I purchased some mineral makeup through Dr. Al Sears website. So far it has worked really well and is chemical free. It is pricey but it is about the same as you would pay for other brand name mineral makeups. I don’t wear makeup very often so this will last me a long time. They only have foundation and blush right now so you still need to find another source for lips and eyes. Here is the site

    • Sarah – what do your kids do in terms of shampoo? I know you have 4 kids… and some/all are boys … do you have girls? If yes, what do they do?

  65. I see the link for the study on mice, but not for the analysis by Washington University. If you have one, or one to Dr. Grindler’s remarks, I would greatly appreciate it.

  66. Michelle Koen via Facebook October 31, 2012 at 10:24 am

    There a database I search called ‘skin deep’ by EWG it gives a health rating to a huge range of cosmetics

  67. Cyndi Fonseca via Facebook October 31, 2012 at 10:23 am

    Wow! I stopped using conventional personal care products years ago. Being in the skin care business, I love how 20 year olds tell me they wish their skin looked like mine, and I don’t wear makeup. I’m spreading the word as much as I can!! Thank you!!!

    • I try not to mention specific brands on my site as there are many good ones out there and I don’t want to shortchange the ones that are great that I don’t perhaps used myself. I can say that I don’t use shampoo at all and haven’t for a very very long time. I simply mix a cup or so of baking soda in a warm bath and wash my hair that way. My hair gets cleaner and shinier doing this than any shampoo I ever used – conventional or natural.

        • I understand, I’ll do a little research on makeup to see what I can find. I’m trying to use a natural face wash (oil cleansing, honey) and had an incredibly horrible breakout for the 2 months I tried it. I wanted it to work so badly!

          So you just do a bath and use 1 cup of baking soda in the whole bath. Then that bath water washes your body and your hair? Do you use apple cider vinegar for a conditioning rinse?

        • Interesting about the baking soda for a shampoo alternative. What about a conditioner alternative? With your long wavy hair, does the baking soda dry it out or “rough it up” at all/make it tangle-y, being somewhat alkaline?

          • I’ve been using baking soda for about 3 months now. I have long, thick, wavy hair. The baking soda works great (once your body adjusts to it) but I’m still using regular conditioner. :o( If I don’t my hair is a tangled dry mess! (very dry air here).

          • Just google No Poo, and you can get all the info you need to start washing and conditioning your hair this way.

            Most people use the same ration of baking soda and water (this is your shampoo) as they do with apple cider vinegar and water (this is your conditioner.) One cup water with 1 tbs baking soda and one cup water with 1 tbs apple cider vinegar. This could last you a week, dont dump it all onto your head in one washing. Use the baking soda water on your roots, then rinse. Use the Apple cider vinegar on your ends and then rinse.

        • I’ve been using baking soda also on my hair, for a year now, but I never thought to use it in place of any body wash. Gonna have to switch! :)
          I’ve gone pretty natural over that last several months, but my makeup is the only area I haven’t found what I like. I’m currently using a mineral makeup, but want to find something even less toxic. BUT because of my switch to naturally cleansing and moisturizing my skin, it is clearer than it’s ever been and I can actually go without makeup now without feeling self-conscious.
          I’m enjoying learning all these things about naturally caring for my body and my health. Thank you for the information you share with us.

    • I have friends who have an online store for health and beauty products. They’ve slowly tried to get me to use “better for me” products. It took me several years, but I have finally switched over my personal care products to be natural. There are so many great brands out there.

      I find that the most important thing is knowing what’s in what you’re using. A quick search for “All Natural Cosmetics” nets a few pages that have great products. There are some that are completely pure and others that mislead. The ones that list their ingredients (and who have ingredients you can pronounce) are generally trustworthy.

      This website has had a database where you can check to see how safe your cosmetics are. ( I’m not sure why it’s down or when it will be back up, but I have found it to be incredibly helpful in the past.

    • I’m not sure if any are WAPF approved but my esthetician carries only what she feels is the most organic, safe make up. The lines are Eminence and Jane Iredale. I believe Aveda puts out a good product also.

    • The ads that appear depend on what you’ve looked at lately. There’s no Sephora ad for me; my ad shows a camping stove (because I’ve looked at those recently online). The ad will be different for each person.

      • I don’t think it’s totally based on what you’ve viewed. It comes up with Loreal hair color for me and I’ve never looked at that in my life. :)

        Great article. Makes me additionally happy I don’t wear any make up at all. :)

  68. Rose Stalter via Facebook October 31, 2012 at 10:13 am

    My daughters are asking to start to wear makeup. You have any good advice on it as I really rarely wear any myself, just the basics:)


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