Kombucha Advanced Topics Part 2 (plus video!)

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kombucha jarBelow is the final clip in this week’s how-to advanced kombucha brewing series.  I welcome any comments and questions on my approach to making large batches of this probiotic filled brew in your home for just pennies a quart.  The taste is so far superior to the raw kombucha available at the store .. you will be delighted with the end result!

Let me add again that I would love your feedback, so please comment (constructive criticism is fine too .. I’m a big girl so don’t worry about hurting my feelings)!   Is this advanced kombucha series just simply too confusing or is it helpful in any way to those of you who have been making it for a long time?

If you are a kombucha newbie, check out my series on basic batch kombucha. Video one is here and video two is here.

If you happened upon this video and have not seen advanced kombucha topics part 1 yet, click here first.

Advanced Kombucha Brewing Part 2

More Information

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