Homemade Raw Kefir Recipe (plus video)

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raw kefir fermentingI prefer raw kefir to yogurt because yogurt only has a 2-5 strains of beneficial bacteria, none of which aggressively attack and destroy pathogens in the gut.

Therefore, in a gut that is dominated by pathogens and candida (as in someone who has taken many rounds of antibiotics and other prescription drugs over the years and/or eats primarily processed foods), yogurt tends to have only a temporary impact in rebalancing the bacterial colonies in favor of the beneficial strains.  On the other hand, homemade kefir has about 30 beneficial strains of bacteria and yeasts which do aggressively recolonize the gut by destroying pathogens.  As a result, kefir has the potential to permanently alter the gut environment for the better.

You can sometimes get live kefir grains from a friend, as the kefir grains grow slowly over time and extras can be given away (or even eaten as a live probiotic).    If you cannot find any live grains in your community, you can mail order them from Cultures For Health.

I will cover how to make water kefir in this video. To learn how to make coconut milk kefir, check the link for recipe plus video how-to.

Raw Kefir Recipe


1 glass wide mouth mason jar, quart size


1 quart raw, grassfed whole milk
Live kefir grains or a packet of kefir powder starter culture


Pour the raw milk into a clean glass mason jar leaving about 1 inch at the top. You can use cold milk right out of the refrigerator if this is more convenient. Gently stir kefir grains or kefir starter powder into the raw milk.

Screw on the lid and leave on the counter at room temperature for 24 hours.  Over this time, you will see the milk slightly separate and thicken.

The kefir should be ready after 24 hours of fermentation time. If powder culture was used, you can use the kefir as is. If live kefir grains were used, gently strain them out to use again with the next batch of raw kefir. I do not rinse my live kefir grains before using again.

How to Make Raw Kefir Video

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