Fermented Homemade Ketchup Recipe (plus video)

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fermented homemade ketchupThe king of condiments in the Western world is undoubtedly ketchup. In America alone, over a half billion bottles of ketchup are sold every year. Unfortunately, this ketchup is usually full of high fructose corn syrup — definitely not part of a healthy diet!

Ketchup comes to us from China and was originally a fermented fish sauce. Americans added tomatoes to make the world famous tomato ketchup.

The recipe used in this video is fermented which means that beneficial bacteria from liquid whey transform the ingredients into an enzyme rich, probiotic filled condiment that greatly assists digestion when used in conjunction with a meal of cooked foods.

It is important to learn how to make healthy homemade ketchup for your family! If you simply don’t have the time, quality ketchup can be purchased (this brand sweetened with honey instead of sugar is excellent). However, it is more expensive than making it yourself.

Fermented Homemade Ketchup Recipe

3 cups organic tomato paste (I used Bionaturae brand in glass jars)
1/4 cup liquid whey
¼- ½ cup Grade B maple syrup
Pinch of cayenne pepper (use 1/4 Tsp for a more powerful taste)
1 Tbs sea salt (I recommend Celtic sea salt for the best flavor)
3 cloves organic garlic, mashed
1/2 cup fish sauce (from Asian supermarket — make sure to get one with only anchovies and salt as the listed ingredients)
Mix all ingredients together in a clean, glass one quart mason jar. Leave at least one inch at the top of the jar to allow for expansion during the fermentation. Leave on the counter for 2 days and then refrigerate. The ketchup is well preserved for about 6 months.
Serve this amazing ketchup with other healthy homemade dishes like these no guilt french fries!

(Fermented) Homemade Ketchup How-to Video!

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