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Breakfast Pizza: Morning Mix-Up Your Family Will Love

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist August 17, 2013


Breakfast Pizza

For many folks, the words “breakfast pizza” may bring to mind a slice or two of cold pizza left in a cardboard delivery box, precariously perched on a living room end table or sofa from a late night party the previous evening.

While this kind of breakfast pizza may be rather popular with college students, it is not the type a Real Foodie would be blogging about!

I’ll admit that the term “breakfast pizza” has never been a particularly appetizing description of desirable morning fare to me – that is until I sampled the egg and bacon pizza at Wolfgang Pucks in the Chicago O’Hare International Airport recently.

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Bone Marrow Omelette w/ Tarragon & Sheep’s Milk Cheese

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist March 2, 2013

By NYC Chef Emily Duff of Family2Table

Editor’s Note:  If bone marrow is not a food you’ve had the pleasure of trying before (it’s insanely delicious), take a quick peak at this video lesson on bone marrow which will show you how to easily obtain and cook this nutrient dense Sacred Food that is a huge boost to the immune system!

Sometimes, creating a great meal is as easy as putting your favorite ingredients together.  It doesn’t always work out but when it does, my goodness the return on time invested is worth it’s weight in gold. That is exactly what happened with this divine dish I have been happily making for my family.

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Healthy Corn Flakes Cereal

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist February 6, 2013

Giving up boxed breakfast cereal from the store is without a doubt one of the hardest tasks to accomplish after a Traditional Diet is adopted.  I was the Boxed Breakfast Cereal Queen before opting to get off the processed food train some years ago. I would eat organic cereal morning, noon, and night.  I particularly loved having a bowl before going to bed in the evening.

Can you believe I actually thought this practice was good for me?

Unfortunately, I learned that my boxed breakfast cereal habit, even though it was organic cereal, was far from healthy.

The problem is not with the ingredients themselves, which are simple and seem “whole” enough in the case of organic cereal. The unhealthy aspect of boxed cereal is due to the violent processing required to manufacture it.

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Sprouted Belgian Waffles Recipe

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist December 25, 2012

Our family loves waffles.  They are our family’s breakfast of choice most weekends and the kids almost always request them as their special birthday breakfast.

I’ve tried so many different waffle recipes over the years, I’ve honestly lost count.  I’ve made them with various flours as well including kamut, spelt, soft white wheat, einkorn, rice, oat and various flour blends in between. Perhaps you’ve even tried the soaked waffle recipe I posted awhile back.

My favorite recipe for classic Belgian waffles is the one by Chef Emeril Lagasse. To his credit, Emeril’s recipe calls for real eggs and butter which many of the modern waffle recipes do not.

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Rice Cakes (Frittelle di riso)

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist December 7, 2012

We very much enjoy pancakes or waffles on the weekend in our home.  Sometimes, though, it is really nice to break routine and mix things up a bit and try a new variation just for the fun of it!

This recipe for Frittelle di riso, or rice cakes, is a great alternative to pancakes and waffles particularly if you have some leftover rice in the refrigerator from dinner the night before.

It is also the healthy alternative to store bought rice cakes, which are almost universally considered a health food but like most health fads, nothing could be further from the truth.

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