Monday Mania 3/21/2011

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

Welcome to the 34th edition of Monday Mania, a carnival where Real Food bloggers come together to link up their popular Posts. These posts might be Real Food recipes, Book Reviews, Natural Remedies, or Green Home Tips. They might even be a blogger’s take on a media health report, a videoblog, podcast, or an amazing giveaway!

In short, these Awesome Posts are a complete free for all of incredible Real Foodie Wisdom! So, roll up your sleeves, link up and show us your stuff! Can’t wait to see what your Real Foodie brains have turned out recently!

Guidelines for Participating

* Please link up your blog post using the Linky widget below. REAL FOOD recipes only please! This means no processed food ingredients!

* Please use the URL of your actual blog post and not your blog’s home page.

* Remember to link this post back to your blog and leave a comment! Thanks.



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  7. I hate to say this but that matzoh ball recipe is not traditional. Replace that 1/4 cup of oil with schmaltz, and then you’re getting closer.

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  9. Thanks again for hosting this! Always love your Carnivals – lots of entries, great info and great recipes!

    I added my recipe for roasted cauliflower – a big hit with my family members who detest cauliflower. I guess enough garlic and Parmesan makes anything edible, right? 😉

  10. I’ve linked up two recipes today – the first is for my sourdough bread which turns out quite nicely, and the second is my daughter’s and my latest muffin recipe, Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins, which we made using whole wheat pastry flour and buttermilk. These aren’t soaked, but they are delicious!

    Thanks for hosting and for stopping by my blog earlier today, Sarah. I’d love to hear from you if you do give my bread recipe a try. We’re still newbies at the traditional, real foods way of cooking and eating, but we’re slowly finding our way. Blogs such as yours are a tremendous help! Blessings to you and yours! ~Lisa

  11. Hi Sarah,

    This week I’m sharing commentary on a news item about a small B & B that shut down business in the face of a Health Department order to stop serving their own pastured eggs…

    Thanks for hosting!


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  13. Hello everyone!

    Nice to be here again! Today I have for you a feast for the eyes and for the stomach, so check it out!

  14. I have ten kids and a lot of experience in making kids eat food and making food kids eat. This post is about several things in my kitchen that are NT appropriate and receive my teenager’s approval. Also, news about my 10K Giveaway on my newbie blog.

    Thanks for giving me a chance to share!

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  16. Hi! Thanks for hosting this fun round-up. Nice to be in the presence of other people who don’t think I’m totally nuts :)

    I am blogging my family’s journey on GAPS, and the latest one was about our 4 days of traveling and staying in a hotel, while keeping up with the GAPS Diet.

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  19. Hi Sarah,
    I hope you had a great weekend! I’m sharing how easy it is to make your own safe facial toner, and how you easily can make a powerful aromatic compress for minor injuries at home..I am also sharing one of my network blogger’s post about if we need to be concerned about radiation. I found it very useful and it should decrease the panic many feel..

  20. The Fork Tender Cider Braised Beef is one of my most requested and popular dishes! Everyone loves the tenderness of the dish. Made with pasture raised beef and butter, sweetened naturally from apple cider and thickened with a grain free agent, arrowroot powder, this dish is sure to please the meat lovers in every household!

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  22. I put together a user-friendly chart simplifying all the conflicting information on using fats and oils in the kitchen; what to cook with, which shouldn’t be heated, and which fats to limit or avoid.
    I’m getting good feedback on this – people have been printing it out for easy reference.
    Thanks for hosting Sarah!

  23. Barb @ A Life in Balance March 21, 2011 at 8:41 am

    I love coming here every Monday to see what people are doing, especially now that I’m back into blogging after a short break.

    I also got a little away from focusing 100% on Real Food, but I’m babystepping my way back which is what I shared this week.

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  26. I have also shared one more post – this one for baking in bulk. It has saved me TONS of time in the kitchen….though I still always feel that I am behind…..because I am! :-)

  27. Thanks for hosting! This is my first time here. I am a newly pregnant mom and new blogger, and I linked to my most recent blog post, entitled “Nutrition Guidelines for Pregnancy: A Recipe For Diabetes and Obesity,” about the dangerous (packages, processed, high-GI, glutenous) foods that the government recommends as “healthy” for pregnant women. Also check my earlier post for a great chili recipe – my husband’s most requested dish.

  28. Thanks for hosting. I’ve linked to a recipe for the best stovetop burgers (fry them in butter!) with homemade GAPS ketchup. I’ve also linked to a post about eating well-cooked chicken bones as a snack.

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  30. Thanks, as always, for hosting, Sarah!
    I am sharing one of my family’s favorite recipes, Almond Feta. It is super easy and tastes great.

    My son has a life-threatening dairy allergy so he never had cheese until I made this recipe — and it gets devoured so quickly in our home that I always make 2 batches.


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    • ….(thant comment got away before finishing!)

      here in the comment link is a quick post on where you can online monitor real-time radiation levels (in the US) very useful, yes? (!)

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  33. Really enjoyed your post on natural protection from radiation exposure. I don’t think most people process how much radiation we are exposed to in every day life. Hope you have a great week, Sara!


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