Governor Brown Signs AB499 Allowing Shots Without Parental Consent

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist October 9, 2011

The Gardasil vaccine package insert is 30 pages long.

That’s right.  30 PAGES LONG!

California Governor Jerry Brown thinks your 12 year old child is old enough to competently read and digest this information and to decide whether or not to accept this vaccine and/or the Hepatitis B jab without your knowledge or consent.

But wait!  There’s more.

Any new vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases that are released in the future are covered by this law as well.

Here’s the kicker:

If your child suffers any disability from these vaccines that you never consented to, you still have to foot the bill and the companies that manufactured the vaccines are free of any liability!

This law was sponsored by political lackeys in the pocket of Merck who are either on the take (legislator Toni Atkins who lied about the money she received) or own a significant stake in the company (CA assemblywoman Sally Leiber who was forced to remove her name on the bill when her conflict of interest was revealed).

This shocking breach of parental rights goes into effect tomorrow.

It seems the citizens of California need to storm the Capitol steps to demand the repeal of this law borne of greed and corruption immediately much the same as the citizens of Texas succeeded in getting Governor Rick Perry to eat crow and apologize publicly for his overreaching executive order requiring all girls to be vaccinated with Gardasil without exception.

At least one positive thing will most certainly come out of this law.  The number of families choosing to homeschool in California will definitely be on the increase!


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  1. Tasha Grant via Facebook October 9, 2011 at 11:39 pm

    That is so wrong on so many levels :(
    The first child that dies or has a severe reaction is going to sue the state…

    • The sad part is the parent’s CAN’T sue the State or anyone else involved with theses forced vaccinations. Our lovely DOJ exempted everyone from liability for any wrongdoing because they say the shots cannot be blamed because no one knows for sure if they’re responsible for any deaths – they say the cause can’t be proven. IOW, the shots haven’t been studied to enough degree to actually know what damage (or collateral damage) they will cause to our younger generation, and yet States are making them mandatory.

      If this sounds scary to you, get prepared because we are only on the edge of the precipice of this disaster. The gov’t tries to make us believe we have freedoms (religious objections, etc) but in reality there are no freedoms regarding vaccinations. I predict that within two years, all of us will be mandated to have certain vaccinations and that includes adults.

    • Amanda no one should have deadly poison injected in to their body. Do some research and get educated, if you like your kids get deadly vaccines and you don’t care about the deadly side affect’s that’s fine with me. Don’t say that every kid should get vaccinated, it’s parents decision what’s right for them! Do you know what’s in those vaccines???? I don’t think so! Let me tell you a little secret, people who develop a vaccine never ever vaccinate their own children,and I never ever did to my children, they are the healthiest kids, never got sick in their life! No vaccines!

      • Nadia, I would be very interested to know where you got your information that none of the people who develop vaccines has ever vaccinated their own children. This sounds like a grossly exaggerated statement that only diminishes your credibility. Your children did not get sick because there were enough other people vaccinated to protect your children. You seem to think ti would be better to turn back the clock to the time when vaccines were not available and tens of thousands of children and adults died of diseases that most peopel don;t even know the names of now.

        • Herd immunity actually does not apply to immunities by vaccination. If you get vaccinated you can still catch and transmit the illness – getting a vaccine doesn’t protect those around you.
          Also, diseases/epidemics have life cycles and in most cases the vaccines were developed after the disease was already in the declining portion of its life cycle. Diseases naturally peter out, regardless of human intervention.
          Those of us that develop natural immunity to disease will be far better off, over the course of our lives, and will not be exposing ourselves to the potential harmful side of vaccines. Educate before you vaccinate!

    • Amanda- Thank you for believing in my right to choose, even if I make choices you don’t agree with. Only that kind of thinking will allow the freedom necessary for everyone to find the health and happiness we all deserve.

      • From what I remember reading about Jerry Brown activities when he was younger, I think HE should have to have a gardasil shot! Maybe two or three, just to prove a point . . .

    • Jan, You might want to read this. Remember girls turn into women and women get and die from cervical cancer.

      Cervical Cancer Statistics
      Cervical cancer used to be the leading cause of cancer death for women in the United States. However, in the past 40 years, the number of cases of cervical cancer and the number of deaths from cervical cancer have decreased significantly. This decline largely is the result of many women getting regular Pap tests, which can find cervical precancer before it turns into cancer.1 For more information, visit HPV-Associated Cervical Cancer Rates by Race and Ethnicity.

      In 2007 (the most recent year numbers are available)–

      12,280 women in the United States were diagnosed with cervical cancer.*2
      4,021 women in the United States died from cervical cancer.*2
      *Incidence counts cover approximately 99% of the U.S. population. Death counts cover 100% of the U.S. population. Use caution in comparing incidence and death counts.

      1National Institutes of Health. Cervical Cancer. NIH Consensus Statement. 1996;14(1):1—38.

      2U.S. Cancer Statistics Working Group. United States Cancer Statistics: 1999—2007 Incidence and Mortality Web-based Report. Atlanta (GA): Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and National Cancer Institute; 2010. Available at:

  2. Becki Miller via Facebook October 9, 2011 at 11:46 pm

    OMG! I would consider that assault on my child and take legal action. That violates so many basic rights. ludicrous!

  3. Gema Moreno Kearns via Facebook October 9, 2011 at 11:47 pm

    Where are the civil rights for these children? How can parental consent be stripped from these children? Children are not OWNED by the government!! So disappointed and disgusted =(

  4. Amber Moon via Facebook October 9, 2011 at 11:54 pm

    WHen you register your marriage with the a state actually give up rights to you and your children..word to the wise..

  5. Rachel Byers via Facebook October 9, 2011 at 11:59 pm

    Amanda, how sad that you feel every child should have their blood poisoned with toxic filth..scary..very scary..hope you find time to really research what your saying..yes I agree everyone..this is assault with a deadly weapon! Feel sorry for any soul who comes near my child with this toxic witches brew of pure nasty filth! Evil! This is insane! Mr.Brown will now have the blood of all these innocent children on his hands..hope he enjoys all his kickbacks and paid off bribery money before his day of judgement comes..what a wicked man!

  6. Personally I think that the fact that so many parents are making the decision NOT to vaccinate puts there children at risk, the HPV virus is one of the most common viruses Many will aquire this during their sexually active life, and it is responsible for genital warts, and several different cancers, if you think your child will never have sex, than you are delusional. I would gladly accept a free vaccine for my child, I celebrate the fact they have a vaccine for this, Hooray for this bill.

    • You do realize the that Gardasil only “protects” against 4 strains of HPV? The problem is that there are approximately 100 strains of HPV. This vaccination is a joke!

      I’m not delusional about my children someday having sex. I’m just not willing to poison them to the point that they may not be able to developmentally get to that point in their life!

      As someone stated above, regardless of how you feel about vaccinations, the state, government, NO ONE has the right to strip parents of consent regarding their children. Period. Everyone should think twice about “celebrating” bills like this that continue to take more and more of our freedoms away. What’s next, who decides, and to what segment of our population? Perhaps a segment that you fall into will be targeted next.

  7. Ruvi Samaniego via Facebook October 10, 2011 at 12:59 am

    CarolLynn, how sad that you would rather give your child a toxic vaccine than teach them good morals and values so they don’t feel the need to have premarital sex to feel loved, accepted and valuable. That mentality is ruining today’s youth. Have you read the 30 page insert or the inserts for birth control? Absistence never harmed anyone but all these toxic chemicals and synthetic hormones have.

  8. Amy Elswick Gresham Brinkley via Facebook October 10, 2011 at 1:11 am

    smh, alot of people that need to inform themselves about vaccines and what they really are, no vaccines for my children!! Im happy I dont live in CA though.

  9. This disgusts me so much! I would totally be on the Capitol steps if I still lived in California. Our pediatrician pushed this on my daughter at 16, and gave me that look when I said NO! This c**p is poison and my daughter has a friend that almost died after receiving this injection. I like how a man who has no children thinks a 12 year old is mature enough to make their own decisions.

  10. Jennifer Bergerman via Facebook October 10, 2011 at 3:10 am

    1) Ridiculous and not the governments place 2) the vaccine doesn’t cover ALL strains of HPV anyway 3) just cuz I don’t want my kids screwing around before marriage doesn’t mean I’ll inoculate them; if they get a disease, I see that as a consequence of their choices 4) in what state does getting a marriage license cause you to be owned by the state? Genuinely asking.

    • “if they get a disease, I see that as a consequence of their choices”. Is that what you would say at their funeral? Oh well, just a consequence of their choices.

  11. Jennifer Bergerman via Facebook October 10, 2011 at 3:14 am

    Ok, my #3 didn’t make complete sense….it’s late. Just cuz I don’t want them to….doesn’t mean I’m ignorant of the fact that they might. Knowing this does not mean I will vaccinate them to prevent the natural consequences of promiscuity.

  12. Amanda McCandliss via Facebook October 10, 2011 at 3:56 am

    I keep seeing comments saying “How sad” it is for some one to have an opinion that is different and exercise their parental rights. Wth? Really laughable. Whether you agree with vaccinating or not, the point here is that parents should be allowed to choose.

  13. Sarah Keller via Facebook October 10, 2011 at 6:05 am

    I have to agree with Amanda McCandliss. We all want freedom of choice, but those who do not agree with your stance on vaccinations are getting bashed, because they exercised THEIR freedom of choice and did what they may have felt were best for their families. These individuals are not forcing you to run to the nearest health department and load up with the HPV or any other vaccine for that matter. Last I recall, that is their freedom of opinion just like you guys who do not agree with vaccines chose not to subject your children to them. Honestly, its almost the same as what California is doing to their citizens- telling them that it is wrong to exercise their FREEDOM to choose.

  14. Roseann Ligenza-Fisher via Facebook October 10, 2011 at 7:21 am

    This is like parents who choose alternative treatment instead of toxic chemo when their chid is diagnosed with cancer and they are arrested for child neglect. Slowly, our rights are being stripped from us thanks to corporate greed.

  15. Jennifer Keener Apple via Facebook October 10, 2011 at 8:24 am

    I’m sure the lawmakers who sponsored and passed this bill won’t object to their own family members (and themselves!) being injected with the vaccine. More likely, however, is that they/their families have some special exemption. Someone oughta research this and blast the results loud and far.

  16. Many girls have died from this vaccine and several countries have already baned the vaccine.
    Death is one of the side effects of gardisil you don’t see this listed in the commercials or print ads. It’s quite deceptive. California should be ashamed and I hope Californians rise up in protest.

  17. How many more deaths and children left with neurological damage and seizure disorders will it take before the U.S. wises up and bans these vaccines (Gardasil in particular). At least two other countries banned Gardasil or its advertisements because of its dangers (India and France), and here we are MANDATING it–even without parental knowledge or consent!

  18. Jennifer Keune Reed via Facebook October 10, 2011 at 10:29 am

    He is at it again. Follow the money. He just recently signed a bill that would ban any bans on circumcision. We need to realize that just like an intact immune system, intact genitals are the norm and should be honored for all the functions and benefits they provide. The foreskin has immunological (so it is NOT dirty), protective and sexual benefits. American laws should protect innocent babies from an invasive attack on their genitals. First do no harm and second use less invasion means of treatment, especially before amputation of healthy issue. Vaccines are invasive and so is circumcision. I do not intend to push my views on anyone, but most parents are as shocked to learn the truth about circumcision as they were when they found out about vaccine harm. Visit or for accurate circumcision information that the mainstream media hides/denies. Any studies that prove “potenial” benefits (i.e. HIV reduction) do not stand up against peer review and are methodlogically flawed.

    • Circumcision is also a religious belief. Jews were commanded by the Lord to circumcise their sons on their 8th day of life! Which also happens to be when the babies vitamin K levels are naturally high! By banning circumcision, you’re getting into taking away religious freedom, which is what this country was founded on!

  19. two things…. first, it’s just a matter of time before this runs across the entire nation.. every state will end up doing this.. its like they have to test the waters first to see if they can get away with it; and they have.. second, my wife works with a preggo.. started not feeling well about a week ago (just minor problems) so she went to the hospital.. they told her because she was preggo they “had” to give her a flu shot.. since the shot, she has been in the hospital vomiting non stop…(for a week).. if she at her weight is going through that much shock, cant even imagine what the baby is going through..

    but i agree, people will start home school now and if enough parents decide to go that route; they will find another way to get the injections in.. some new law will pass in the name of “safety”, some politicians palms will be greased and we will be right back here again.. a total shame what this country has become..

    upset with this country yet again,
    -jason and lisa-

    • That’s b.s. Where is she going for prenatal care? No one made me get the flu when I was pregnant. I would have slapped them silly. The only time I have had a flu shot is when I went into basic training, and I didn’t have a choice about it. That’s total nonsense. I went through UC Davis in Sacramento for prenatal care. They recommended it, along with the swine flu vaccine, and I turned them both down, and they were fine with my choice.

  20. I see alot more homeschoolers in CA’s future. I would not send my children to a place where the people there think so lightly of my place as a parent as to subject my children to medical procedures without my express consent. I know a ton of others feel the same way.

  21. Jennifer Keune Reed via Facebook October 10, 2011 at 11:30 am

    ^^^ first of all, your child will be making the decision,not the government, keep him/her fully informed. The government SHOULD step in a ban decisions that parents are making when it harms them, like buckling up in the car :)

    • yes because we all know 12 year olds are known for making sound choices only after reviewing all of the facts.. they never do anything against the parents wishes due to peer pressure…..

  22. Here’s how it happens: While the rest of us have to work hard to get legislation passed, from gathering signatures, to getting people to vote at the appointed time, Assembly men with monied interests are able to cut to the front of the line and get immediate approval for laws they create.

    Remember the San Francisco law that would limit circumcision to medically necessary procedures or adults 18 and above? Well activists worked hard to get those signatures and make everything happen. Politicians looking to gather constituency votes took advantage of the situation to stop the measure in its tracks.

    But not only that, they were able to slam a measure through the Judicial Committee, the State Senate, the Assembly and straight through to Governor Brown without any resistance. And mean NO RESISTANCE. 5-0 in the Judicial Committee, 37-0 in the Senate and right on through to Gov. Brown who signed it.

    For those of you who don’t know, the Assemblyman who did this, Mike Gatto, is a benefactor to the ADL, not to mention he has direct connections with his former employer, Brad Sherman, which, guess what, is trying to slam a similar law like this at the House.

    Now, I know what y’all are thinking; “Yeah but circumcision is different.”


    But whatever your views of circumcision think about this; intactivists had to work hard to gather 12,265 signatures San Francisco’s Department of Elections to even have the chance for their measure to be voted on by the people, but Mike Gatto is able to get a law before the full state senate with the approval of just five people?

    The San Francisco circumcision ban would have to first make it to the ballot, and the people would have had to vote in favor of it, in order to pass. And even then, there would be time before the law would go into effect. But Gatto’s law, if approved, goes into effect immediately?

    And then, get this; Gatto, a long with a few others, are trying to get rid of the initiative process, the process that allows us, the people, to decide for ourselves, which would leave the law-making up to only people like him, and others who passed this Merck bill.

    Look, whatever you might think of circumcision, for it, against it, WHATEVER, the way it’s going in our law system, this should scare ALL of us.

    The decision to ban people from challenging circumcision was taken by just a few people.

    Were any of you handed information regarding this bill? How many of you knew exactly what it was about? What it does? Whose rights it really protects etc.?

    Similarly, this Merck bill?

    How many of you knew that such a bill was even headed to Gov. Brown?

    Exactly. We didn’t even get a say. This should seriously scare Americans that this is happening. What other drugs are they going to make it legal to offer our kids behind our backs?

    How come a kid can get to decide at 13 whether he wants a dangerous HIV vaccine, but he can’t decide whether or not he undergoes a permanent cosmetic alteration on his private parts? How come parents can circumcise their kids up until they’re 18, but they have to wait until then to use a tanning bed? This is crazy double-think.

    We the people need to do something to stop the gov’t from passing laws behind our backs.

    Get that Gatto guy out of office, demand that our initiative process remains untouched, and demand that more be done to stop self-serving politicians from slamming measures through the Senate.

    • It’s no different than banning circumcision. My aunt had my cousin done when he a baby due to the cleanliness factor. It is easier to keep clean without the foreskin for most people. I realize it is there for protection, but so was complete body hair for cavemen lol. Whatever part of evolution you do or don’t believe in, things change, and it is no longer medically necessary to have certain things in this day and age. We are a lot more sanitary as a society than we were 50 years ago (for the most part anyway).
      I do live in California, but sure the hack didn’t vote for these idiots…I may be homeschooling my daughter by the time she hits junior high due to this crap.

  23. As a parent, I think this is appalling. But as a once pre-teen girl who had the HPV vaccine, who actually asked my mom if I could have it, I think it’s the kids’ decision. Before I was pregnant, I found out that I had a form of HPV that the vaccine did not protect against, but since my body had had the vaccine, my anitbodies were able to fight off that illness. At the same time, I understand why a lot of you are angry. I would be too if I was told that I had no say in whether my child were jabbed with a needle. I feel though that–and it sounds so cliche–but kids are becoming sexually active at an earlier and earlier age. If they’re making those decisions, they should be able to read a pamphlet about how to guard themselves against the diseases that could come along with it. Because honestly, if they have sex and get pregnant, they’re going to be reading a lot more than 30 pages. Also, I read nothing above about YOU personally educating your child about these vaccines. I mean, if you tell your child you wouldn’t like them to have this shot, why wouldn’t they listen?

  24. How many children at 12 can stand up to a nurse and likely a teacher telling them that it is the best thing for them (no matter what their parents have said) and endure the scorn they will receive for not consenting to said vaccination. It is hard enough for parents to deal with ped. on this. The state is counting on that pressure to make this happen. They are counting on the pressure of peers and authorities outside the home to make this happen–why else would they circumvent the parents authority.

    Some children CANNOT have this vaccine–they have allergies to the ingredients, that is why parents are there to remember those things and ask the appropriate questions to make the correct decision for the child. So when a kid dies from an allergic shock because they agreed to a vaccine and did not realize that there was a base to it that they can’t have who is to blame? The school–they were doing as the state told them to? The child–they were a child how could they know? The parents–they would have protected their child but they were not even told it was happening.

    If we are going with the “kids will have sex so lets make it safe as possible” why couldn’t they also give out injection birth control as routine as well–would that be ok? After all if they get pregnant they will have a-lot more to read than the risks vs benefits of birth control. No! Children are considered minors for a reason and are not permitted to make their own medical decisions for a reason–they are not ready to.

    If we are going to argue that the 12 year old is responsible enough to understand his/her medical history in the context of this vaccine and understand the limitations/benefits/risks of this vaccine why don’t we trust that 12 year old to have that same conversation with his parents and include the responsible adult in on the decision.

  25. @Jennifer: You’re right, we all need to make sure our children are fully informed. Thanks :-) What I should have said was that it’s sad that our government is trying to circumvent the parents attempts to protect our children from vaccination. I know many children/teens who would be easily pressured into vaccination by a well-meaning teacher, school nurse or other authority figure.

  26. This is so wrong! This country is going down so fast in all aspects of parenting, it’s scary. I’m not in CA but it would make me protest, move, and homeschool all at the same time. We’re homeschooling anyway no matter where we live though. It is sickening that they have no liability whatsoever!
    Anastasia @ Eco-Babyz\’s last post: Preterm Labor and Diet Soda

  27. Just for the record, I DID NOT vaccinate any of my children; they attended public school quite a few of their school years and they were perfectly safe without vaccinations. And HPV? What a joke! Every single person has HPV in their bodies; it’s a naturally occuring thing–which the body is perfectly capable of fighting in nearly every instance. Again, marketing, marketing, marketing. Follow the money, folks! If you choose to vaccinate, so be it. Just don’t do it in ignorance or under duress. Make an informed decision; and be informed by those who don’ have a vested interest in selling you vaccines.

  28. More freedom lost. The drug companies profits are more important than parental rights, more important than the health of children. I doubt the twelve year olds will even be asked . They will just line them up and vaccinate them, while tax money is used to pay the outrageous prices charged for this vaccine. When the corporations control every level of government, freedom dies.

  29. There is no political solution.

    This is a complete betrayal of parents rights by the childless governor Brownshirt, going against an almost unamimous vote against this by the State Senate and Assembly; and thus, the wishes of the people.

    12 years old? 11 years old and a day…….

    Too young to ride a bike without a helmet, too young to get an artificial tan, too young to sign a contract, too young to vote, too young to drink alcohol……..

    But not too young to choose a vaccine with a 30-page guide?

    This stinks.


  30. I can’t believe he signed this, with everyone contacting his office saying don’t sign it, it’s unsafe!!! Did he get paid off by Merck? Now what do we do? Will this get challenged in the courts? I’m ready to organize. Gotta get this repealed. This is akin to injuring and killing young kids who don’t know any better, when asked or told by schools to get vaccinated, that they might be facing side effects such as Guillain Barre, or death. No liability for the vaccine manufacturers, full burden on families – what the h*** is going on with Gov Brown, and the legislature? Paid off? Money worth more than life? Not to us!

  31. Immunizations are controversial. There is evidence on both sides and one could debate in favor or against. I have done the research! I am not going to say that they are all bad, nor are they all good.

    That being said, It should be up to the parents, not the government, to decide what should be done with the child. When did the government begin to know what is better than the parent.

    Taking away parental rights is never good for the child, the parent, nor society!

    God save our culture!

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  33. That was an absurd decision coming from the supreme council. How about the precautionary steps that every parent’s are entitled to? Have you been putting it to vain? I mean we have every right to make sure that our children are engaging their selves up on a safely.
    Dionesia\’s last post: hpv symptoms


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