Chronic Stomach Pain and Bloating: GONE!

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By Guest Author Juliann Rank

Editor’s Note: This is an amazing story as told by Juliann. It shows how the GAPS Diet can so very quickly eliminate the symptoms of chronic stomach pain and bloating – in this case ONE WEEK!   Note that while the symptoms may have gone in one week, healing can take many months, so the GAPS Diet should be followed for a minimum of 6 months (average of 18 months) before properly prepared grains and starches can begin to be reintroduced back into the diet.   

My 48 year old brother, like most Americans, sought the help of his doctor when he developed chronic stomach pain, bloating, gas, burping and a feeling of being too full even after a small meal.   This problem occurred 24/7 each and every day. He has always been healthy and strong and I was surprised when he started having gut problems.   At the time the problems began, he was 211 lbs (he is 6’1″) which is a little heavy for him.

The first doctor he saw gave him Zantac, which did not help the stomach pain or bloating at all.  He then saw a gastroenterologist, who prescribed him Nexium, along with various tests.

These conventional docs should be ashamed of themselves, giving out acid blocking pills to people that actually need more acid!

He remained in constant stomach pain and finally called me for help, as he knew I was very involved in nutrition and healing naturally.

The first thing we did was stop all the acid blocking meds and start on the GAPS main diet.  For breakfast, he stopped eating his boxed cereal and 1% lowfat milk, and instead had either a smoothie which had 2 raw organic eggs, kefir, some raw honey and a cup of berries and on other days he would have an egg omelette with various veggies in it cooked in butter.  Also, some days for breakfast he had sausage and eggs. Lunch was more challenging because he travels a lot and would not give up eating out.  So, he would have some burgers without the buns and some veggies, or a big salad with his own dressing which was olive oil and vinegar and chicken and/or a fruit salad.  For dinner, he had stir fried veggies in coconut oil and meat or seafood most nights.  When he ate out, he just ordered chicken or steak with a side of veggies.  If he got hungry before bed or in between meals, he drank some kefir or snacked on veggie sticks or fruit.

So, basically, all starch and grains had to go and he was very disciplined in following the GAPS protocol.

We then added digestive enzymes and after a few days, the chronic stomach pain right below his ribs became faint.  We also added some HCL with pepsin and a therapeutic strength probiotic.  The stomach pain left for good after this.  He was amazed, as he had been living with this stomach pain for some time.

The stomach pain and bloating left within a week of starting the diet and the digestive enzymes.  He also gave up beer and switched to red wine.  He did not have any trouble sticking to the diet and has said he really does not miss the bread.

He is amazed at how good he feels now and a great perk of following the GAPS diet is the weight loss – he lost 12 lbs. in a month, without any hunger or weakness.  He is now at a perfect weight and says he no longer feels full, is burping far less and the constant gas is gone.  Best of all, he is pain free and healed so very fast!!   He even has stopped using eye drops morning and night for his chronic dry eye (most likely due to the addition of cod liver oil to his diet).

He is a living testimony that the GAPS diet and supplement protocol truly heal those that follow it.

The GAPS Diet works!

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About the Author

Juliann Rank started her healing journey with traditional foods about 7 years ago after reading an article in the newspaper featuring a Dade City, FL grassbased farmer and the local Weston A. Price Chapter Leader.

She visited the farm the following week and after her first taste of raw milk, raw cream, cod liver oil and pastured eggs/chicken/beef, never looked back.  Her son at that time had been struggling with ADHD and her daughter with mild ADD. Juliann immediately started them on cod liver oil, raw milk, pastured eggs and the complete traditional nutritional protocol.  Teachers were amazed and neither child has ever had to be on meds.  They are 13 and 15 now, both in honors classes and doing quite well in school.  Neither has ever had tooth decay and both have peaches and cream complexions.  It is never too late to heal!

Comments (28)

  • Alexandra kate

    We need to be a little careful here, throwing all of the MD’s knowledge out the window and listening to self healers instead. Many times there is a great deal of quackery in self healing and permanent damage, can be done from not listening to a medical doctor. There have been several cases in my own family. Do not go so far to one side that you are not open to other options from doctors who have spent years in medical school. No, they may not know all of the answers but neither do people who only will see as far as their herbs and essential oils will take them. There is a reason the FDA has come out and told consumers to be extremely careful. Esophagial cancer is nothing to mess around with. Gets can cause this. I went off of my prescription for an acid reducer, only to have severe abdominal pain and burning in my throat which caused ulcers. I listened to a friend who thought natural healing was the ONLY way. I’m here to tell you, I feel so much better on a medication that is right for me. Be open to other medications and listen to medical doctors along with homeopathic remedies.

    November 4th, 2015 12:18 am Reply
    • Alexandra kate

      I meant to type the word Gerd. Sorry for the typo above.

      November 4th, 2015 12:22 am Reply
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  • laura

    My husband cured his bloating, excessive belching and heartburn, and lower back pain, gout, anemia, overweight, fatigue, and low sex drive with a whole foods, plant based diet. He is a whole new man now after 5 plant based years.

    December 5th, 2013 7:15 am Reply
  • gloria

    For those who are not seeing relief on a clean diet, GAP’s etc. please look into parasite and Candida “Fungal” form. This is what I discovered after removing EVERYTHING from my diet…all kinds of parasite coming out in the enemas I do daily for relief of the major pain and bloating. Really quite an eye opener. xo

    October 15th, 2013 2:34 pm Reply
  • Pat McDaniel

    Much abdominal pain. Elongated colon. Have had medical tests. Not much help. Swollen most of the time.. Very aggravating! Not much relief at all. Any suggestions????

    August 10th, 2013 2:46 pm Reply
  • Meggers

    Hi there – I have been eating this way for some time (eliminated alcohol, gluten, don’t really eat dairy, just some goat cheese once in a while, removed refined sugars, I eat lots of nuts/seeds, hemp, fresh veg raw and steamed/roasted and some fruit and good quality protein, very few grains – rice or quinoa if I do). I take probiotics (high potentcy right now), digestive enzymes, HCL, L-Glutaimine for healing the gut, and my daily vitamins and minerals, lots of fresh water and I exercise regularly. I have not been able to change the digestive issues I have with severe bloating, gas and slow elimination for months and months now. I am getting frustated – thinking I am doing everything right – what am I missing? I am tired of feeling like this all the time, no matter what I eat or do, the bloaing and pain are really interefering with life!

    April 21st, 2012 5:53 pm Reply
  • Susan

    Dear Sarah,
    I had Hashimotto’s disease when I was in my 20’s. They gave me a “radioactive cocktail” to stop it, thinking it was Grave’s disease. Within five years they said my thyroid was destroyed and began me on Synthroid. I have made the change to Naturethroid and I am now in my 50’s and have been diagnosed with fibro., IBS, severe osteoporosis, pre-diabetic, etc., etc. My children are following in my footsteps. We have been on the SCD for a few years, but never able to tolerate honey or dairy and had to switch to other starches for calories. We are preparing to do GAPS, which you know, accounts for people who cannot tolerate honey or dairy in the intro. diet.
    I have tried the Pure Cod Liver Oil by Blue Ice (not the fermented), but just like the iodine a doctor prescribed for me once, it makes my heart race and gives me insomnia. I believe it to be the iodine in this “pure” unrefined product. I know I need Cod Liver Oil and am taking a Carlson Vitamin A, from fish oil and Bluebonnet D3 from fish oil and Carlson The Very Finest Fish Oil and it does not seem to hurt me. I tried Carlson Cod Liver Oil Gems, Super 1000mg, but even they made my heart race and gave me insomnia and high blood pressure. Have you heard of this before? Do you have any better recommendations for me? I would appreciate any input you might have for me. Thank you for your time, I know it is precious. Susan

    March 1st, 2012 4:17 pm Reply
  • mary

    Felicia, my child was extremely ill and in the NICU for 3 months. Due to the massive amounts of antibiotics in the hospital his gut was a disaster. He came home extremly constipated, severe eczema and vomited nonstop. I sadly could not breast feed enough but got a bit. After months of frustration and no help from doc’s, I decided to figure it out on my own. I started him on Goat’s milk (it is predigested) and walah! He FINALLY started to slowly gain weight. Thank god to the grandmother who happened to just post about goats milk and how it saved her grandson online.. I also started to also give him aged garlic-natural antibiotic and vitamin C (immune booster). Also, kept him away from future antibiotics which have also been linked to ear infections. If that happens get Dr. Mary Block’s book. The BEST book on kid’s health I have ever read at a cheap $5.50! Keep your kids AWAY from antibiotics even for ear infections! It is a vicious cycle that will reoccur and again and again. I gave just a tidbit of our son’s chronic health conditons but at ten years old now he eats everything possible and no longer hypereactive like your child. Cut up brocolli and carrots with dip and walk away. The kids WILL eat it….Good luck and God speed!

    March 9th, 2011 11:40 pm Reply
  • Juliann

    Hi Jennifer,

    My brother takes (1) capsule of Digest by Enzymedica for the digestive enzymes, right before each meal. This helps break down his food–he also takes some hydrochloric acid with pepsin (not sure which brand he bought at the health food store), and he takes (1) capsule before each meal. You could first try some apple cider vinegar in some water 15 minutes before a meal to see if that would work instead of the hydrochloric acid. Or you could try the juice of one lemon in water before your meals to see if that helps.

    Biokult is the recommended therapeutic strength probiotic.

    Make sure any milk you drink is cultured for 24 hours, my brother just loves kefir!

    Hope this helps!!!

    October 13th, 2010 12:16 am Reply
  • Sarah, the Healthy Home Economist

    Felicia, you have much to be hopeful for with your children's allergies if they are on GAPS. It may take around 3 years to heal (this is the upward range – average is 18 months), but significant healing is definitely very likely.

    Jennifer, HCL is hydrochloric acid – the main digestive acid of the stomach which folks with gut issues are low in. My husband never took HCL and just did GAPS and his bloating disappeared just like in this story anyway. The therapeutic strength probiotic is BioKult, which you can order at

    October 12th, 2010 11:37 pm Reply
  • Melissa

    I have forwarded this post to my brother and father, who have both suffered from acid reflux and indigestion problems. It is so much easier to convince someone to switch to whole foods when there is a testimony invoved 😉 Thanks a lot!

    October 12th, 2010 9:49 pm Reply
    • Vilma

      Hi There,
      Can you also forward them my e-mail address. I am also having lots of acid problems and am seeing a chiropractor who says I have a hiatal hernia. i would like to know what HCL is and a good probiotic that you can recommend.


      April 22nd, 2012 3:05 pm Reply
  • Jennifer

    Ooops (blush) I just now realized that this was a guest blogger. Perhaps you could forward my questions to her? Or if you know the answers, that'd be great.

    October 12th, 2010 9:39 pm Reply
  • Jennifer

    Sarah, you wrote:
    >>>We then added digestive enzymes<<<
    Do you have a recommendation for brand or type, and quantity?
    >>>We also added some HCL with pepsin and a therapeutic strength probiotic.<<<

    What is HCL with pepsin? How much, how often? And the name of the therapeutic strength probiotic?

    I'm at the end of my rope with ongoing (3+ years!) stomach pain that no doctor can diagnose. I am on acid reducers (Prevacid) for reflux (not the stomach pain, but…) and I've recently been eating a mostly milk, with some meat and a little fruits/veggies diet. I've been able to stop taking the Prevacid most of the time, but to be off it would be even better. I'm wondering, though, if the long-term use of the Prevacid (6 years and counting) has contributed to or even caused my mysterious stomach pain, and if some of these remedies you've used might help me as well. Thanks for the great post.

    October 12th, 2010 9:37 pm Reply
  • felicia

    thanks for such a hopeful story! i'm wondering whether anyone has been on the GAPS diet successfully with severe (and true) food allergies. my toddler sons are anaphylactic (life-threatening) to peanuts, dairy, and allergic to eggs, fish, shellfish. my 4 y.o. is the one with the most severe and life threatening allergies with frequent complaints of stomach pains,along with asthma and eczema issues. anyone has a hopeful story to share?

    October 12th, 2010 9:09 pm Reply
  • debbiedoesraw aka grass fed momma

    This is great, I shared it on FB. So many do not get that you need good food, good gut flora and some HCI or tummies are not happy!

    October 12th, 2010 6:11 pm Reply
  • Sarah, the Healthy Home Economist

    Me too .. I love it when people recover their health and vitality! SO encouraging and these stories need to be shouted from the rooftops because most of the time when someone comes down with a chronic problem like stomach pain and bloating, it is all downhill from there if they go the conventional drug approach.

    October 12th, 2010 5:34 pm Reply
  • Kelsey

    Very encouraging testimony – thanks for sharing! I love hearing about people's successes!

    October 12th, 2010 5:09 pm Reply
  • lydia

    Cool testimony – thanks for sharing that!!!

    October 12th, 2010 11:58 am Reply

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